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It’s About That Time…

Well, it’s almost here. I was lucky enough to get a beta key for The Burning Crusade a few months back, so I avoided the post-PvP patch duldrums by leveling to 70 and playing around with all the new content TBC has to offer. It will be interesting…I’ve decided to re-roll a Paladin for my guild, so I definitaly won’t be one of the first guys to hit the level cap. But for those that do hit the level cap early, I created a detailed knowledge base of what I call “Boss Compendiums” for each instance at level 70, complete with strategies, boss abilities, positioning, etc. I’m curious to see if my guild leverages these, if they ignore them not realizing they are available, or if they just want the surprises that new boss encounters offer for the first time. It was actually a LOT of fun going into new raid zones like Karazhan, and learning encounters that no one in our group had ever seen before.

I remember reading that March Madness costs U.S. enterprises millions of dollars due to employees taking vacation or calling in sick for the first round of games on Thursday/Friday in March. I realize that the WoW population isn’t anywhere near that of basketball fans across the country (or is it?), but I wouldn’t be surprised to see some news agencies publishing articles at the end of this week dealing with a massive increase in sick/vacation days for employees across the country.

I don’t plan on taking any time off work…yet. I’m sure Blizzard’s servers will be a nightmare for at least 48 hours. I’ve saved a few vacation days for the end of this month around my Birthday, which will provide some extended time for me to learn a new class.

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