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Raph Koster keynote

Interesting intro note: D. Hunter continues to reflect that “I’m happy the hype around virtual worlds is finally over”. On one hand I can agree. In this crowd, the hype is definitely over. Maybe even in the news, the hype is dying down. But where I work (IST at Penn State), the hype is still very real. This is good on one hand…people are paying attention and getting excited. But it’s also bad, people think they are just ‘discovering’ this field and some people see Second Life and think that’s the only virtual world out there.


Raph had to ban his little brother from UO for griefing (lol)
His little bro also is the one who brought down Iran’s technology infrastructure via Twitter. Raph’s point “I feel insignificant now compared to him. NO ONE is doing anything this interesting in virtual worlds right now”.

VWs as web 3.0? Riiiggghhhttt…if anything, VWs are still web 1.0-like.

Why the web works? People can do whatever the hell they want, massive openness. Unfortunately, VWs do not work this way. Yet. I smell an intro to…


Goal to be open, decentralized. Raph’s company hosting all metaplace worlds now, but once it goes public the goal is to let anyone host.

Raph’s first build of metaplace was basically a re-build of how the web works.

Killer app. for VWs? Having FUN. All the stuff people are doing in this room is non-significant. Gotta love a speaker who’s willing to ruffle feathers in a room of academics like this.

Metaplace as an ISP. “We’re not sure what people will do with our service

Metaplace is up to 30,000 worlds. It’s a connection of worlds, with a global chat channel that pulls them all together. All sorts of interesting questions this leads to regarding policy and law: the SAME questions that come up from browsing various web sites.

Metaplace so far:
- lots of ‘dollhousing’, like creating protests of pieces of interactive art.

Academic outrage: “Metaplace makes it too easy to infringe on copyright”. Bullshit, it’s exactly as easy as the web.

Web browsing: no one is on ONE page at a time, we all use tabs. In VWs, you still can’t do this, normally only in one world at a time. Raph is finding that metausers basically do ‘tabbed browsing’ through metaplace, and hang in multiple worlds at the same time.

“Twitter to me, is like guild chat for the internet.
instead of slaying dragons, we’re slaying bookmarks”
These things like twitter are becoming everyday tools we use on the web. Metaplace has the potential to do something similar.
The traditional definition of VWs (persistence, multi-user, etc) start to break down when looking at Metaplace, b/c it’s a hell of a lot like the web.

“If vws are going to be relevant, what are we going to have to leave behind to get there?” in terms of how we currently think about VWs.

Overall a good talk. Raph’s always has an interesting take on things and provides animated talks.

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  1. June 19th, 2009 at 12:15 | #1

    “Twitter to me, is like guild chat for the internet.
    instead of slaying dragons, we’re slaying bookmarks”
    Great quote! Very awesome.

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