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“Graybeards” Q&A

Dispel myths that seem to be held by the graybeards:
- majority of us are not fighting with our supervisor about the legitimacy of using games
- many of us are exploring things other than the traditional, tenure track research positions

Seems to be a contradictory theme about “what would I do if I had to go back to grad school and be my own grad student?”
Do something you’re passionate about vs. do something strategic that will yield results for your goals (publishing, big $$$, whatever your goals appear to be.)

How rules and design of virtual worlds translate to practice. Practice forms due to rules, stemming from design. Lots of different dynamics and unexplored relationships.

Find journals that turn around articles FAST! Write, write write. Blogs, journals, everything and everyone that will help get your ideas out.

When everyone agrees with your ideas and praises them…you might not be on the right track in an interdisciplinary space. In many cases, you WANT people to jump up and question what you’re doing.

We still don’t really comprehend the virtual. People calling things “real vs. virtual” are wrong. Physical world vs. virtual world makes more sense because everything is real, including the virtual worlds.

The virtual worlds ‘domain’ should never be your home field. It should be something that you relate your home field (psych, anthro, law, etc.) to.

D. Hunter and T. Burke working on book: commons themes across virtual worlds with things like guilds and institutions, real money transactions, etc.

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