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Professionalism and jobs for virtual worlds researchers/professionals

Things aren’t really changing that fast…people writing about MUDs and other, similar environments for years.
- we just have VERY short attention spans

Need to build collegiality – be happy similar research is going on and get to know those people.

Publishing – start by publishing in very broad, general journals. It will help you drive into more specific journals later.

Be clear about what you are trying to do:
Descriptive vs. prescriptive
“Is” vs. “ought to”
Quantitative. vs. qualitative

Research Creator – classification for funding agencies in Canada. Great idea (future to use this as creation process to count for things like tenure and promotion)

Always start with your home discipline when looking for jobs. So for instance, instructional designer with a focus on games. At this point it’s too difficult and risky to lead with games or games studies.

Game industry rep: “You have a PhD? PhDs don’t work in our industry (or at least none have yet!)”

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