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Small Group Session

With Thomas Malaby and Bart Simon as ‘graybeards’ leading the panel

1. High-end raiding guilds, focused on raiding baselines for getting into it.

2. Creating and studying a web-based game to focus on technology governance policy.

3. WoW ethnography on “what does it mean to be a successful WoW player?”.

4. Intimacy in WoW – premise “WoW is actually boring by itself, it takes meaningful, intimate interactions to make and keep the game interesting”.

5. Consumption patterns in SL – who is buying in SL, what are the patterns? Turns out the majority of SL players (at least in this study) fall into the “freebie-cheap” consumption patterns in SL.

6. Politics and games

7. Study of 3D learning in Queenlands, Australia. Using SL and Exit Reality VWs to leverage in various educatinal and learning contexts. Check out Terra Incognita island.

WoW Research – VASTLY different simply due to level caps and the game changing
- this is VERY hard to put a finger on because things are changing SO fast in these environments. Makes research tough.

How do you historically put things into perspective for a place like WoW? Like a bank of anecdotal memories. Examples: Deviate fish fear through a BWL gate, kiting bosses to cities, the plague, etc.
How do you capture player’s personal histories of anecdotes? Your personal narrative within WoW?

Why compare WoW to workplace? Ever since the dot.com boom (and subequent bust) brought a very game-like, playful attitude to the workplace. Comparing WoW guilds (or other guilds from VWs) WHY is this interesting? Huge stress from Bart on WHY? WHY is your question important? WHY should people care? HOW will this impact organizations or entities in your specific area and related areas?

Shift of focus from GAMES and the experiences within them to what happens OUTSIDE the game environment that also provides interesting stories and experiences. Sites? Friendships? Intimacy?

Turn ‘that which is obvious’ back into ‘why is this interesting’? WoW and SL have been done…ad nausea. If you’re in these spaces, make it interesting, NOT obvious.

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