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Web 2.0 Trademark?

May 30th, 2006 Bartman 1 comment

Not sure if my buddy Cole came across this or not, but maybe he’ll have to start contacting O’Reilly’s lawyers next time he wants to use Web 2.0 in conference programs. Seems kind of hacky that Mr. O’Reilly wants to maintain such a formal association with the term “Web 2.0″, even if he is a key contributor to the ideas and philosophies behind it.

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Time to Collect

May 24th, 2006 Bartman No comments

In an effort to centralize many of the great resources out there on game-based learning, I’m going to start creating a bank of links here. No special format for the links, expect to find everything from news articles, to websites, to blogs, etc. Out of the first batch, highlights include:

Terra Nova – a great collection of minds focusing on virtual worlds. The authors all come from different backgrounds, so you get unique perspectives on MMOG issues from law, economy, social phenomonon, etc.

Marc Prensky’s writings, many focusing on game-based learning. His first book is what got me into this whole game-based learning thing. Many insightful articles can be found here. I particularly urge people to read ‘the classics’, Digital Immigrants, Digital Natives and Do They Really Think Differently?

Establishing Virtual Learning Worlds – Shameless plug for an article I wrote with Dr. Bailey a while back. It hasn’t been published yet, after a few submissions to various journals. We are still seeking the right outlet.

I’ll try and keep adding resources a couple times a week in an effort to collect as many game-based learning or virtual world resources as possible.

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Back to the Old Format

May 11th, 2006 Bartman No comments

I’m still entrenched in World of Warcraft, but it’s time to move this blog back to the original content area: games for education and virtual learning worlds. And it just happens to be E3 week, so the timing is near perfect.

Speaking of E3, check out Microsoft’s Xbox 360 coverage. Gaming has gotten so much attention over the years, it appears even Bill Gates took notice and showed up to talk about convergence. We’ve all heard the convergence stories the last year or so, but I think Microsoft is probably the closest company to actually pulling it off. The scenarios described seem too good to be true, but being able to take your games, which are tied to your virtual identity, with you on nearly any PC/console/PDA/Phone/etc would open up incredible opportunities, not only for entertainment but also for education.

If only I could access the auction house from outside WoW, like through my cell phone or a web app.

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